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Exterior Painting

The exterior of any building is the best way to make a first impression. Even people who claim to not be judgmental will end up judging what they see at first.

While other factors go into making a home or building looking great, one of the easiest ways to inject new life into something is to hire us for exterior painting. At Painter Pros, we understand what it takes to see results in a short amount of time.

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Not only do we take the time to paint every part of the exterior carefully, but we do so much that goes into the process beforehand to increase the chances of things lasting for a long time. We are one of the very few offering exterior painting Cranston RI solutions with a focus on the details.

Cleaning up the old with Exterior Painting Cranston RI

The older an existing paint job is, the more difficult it seems to be to clean everything up. We have spent decades learning what to do for a new paint job to look great, and last. Not only do we take the time to pressure wash any exterior, but we also scrape paint off, sand down areas that need it, and make general repairs. Paint works best when it has a consistent surface.

It's also vital for painters in different parts of the country, or the world for that matter, to understand specific climates. In Cranston RI, the exterior painting must hold up against not only harsh winters, but some decently warm summers as well, so that is something that painting teams who only focus on interior painting may overlook. It's typical for a lot of companies to only look for the most cost-effective way to paint something. We are in it for the long-haul, so we do what we can to keep people satisfied years from now.

The difference in experience matters

Being able to rely on painters who have decades of experience matters when getting the perfect look. Anyone can do the vast majority of a painting job decently well, but those final touches make things stand out.

We don't claim to be the fastest painters in the Cranston, Rhode Island area. That's because it takes time to work out all the details so that everything looks professionally done. An exterior might look pretty good from afar, but our work stands up against even the harshest critics.

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Not only do we have experienced painters to rely on, but the equipment we use is second to none. We spared no expense when making sure that we come prepared to handle any painting project, no matter how complicated it is.

Our promise

Still unsure about hiring someone for exterior painting? We offer a multi-year warranty on both labor and material when painting any exterior. Labor warranties are for two years, while materials will come with a five-year warranty. No other company in the area will offer this type of deal.

With our flexible work hours, the goal is to be there for all consumers, even when time is minimal. Contact us as soon as possible to set up an initial consultation, and get a realistic look at when a project can be completed.

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