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Bathroom Painter

A lot of things go into completing the perfect bathroom painting job. Some people might think at first glance that it is one of the easiest rooms to paint because of its size. However, there are a lot of factors that make it pretty tricky overall.

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When working with us at Painter Pros, we use the right materials that work well in bathroom settings. Not only that, but our years of expertise allows for a perfect application that will last a long time in even heavily used bathrooms. We believe the bathroom painter jobs stand up against anyone else in the greater Cranston RI area.

Initial prep work

The goal during initial prep work for a new bathroom painting job is to examine the entire area. That means not only temporarily relocating certain items in the bathroom to allow for full coverage, but also checking on ventilation.

A bathroom that does not have proper ventilation is usually going to experience very high levels of humidity. If the humidity gets too high and lingers for too long, that can do a lot of long term damage to the paint.

We often suggest that to combat humidity issues, installing a ceiling or exhaust fan works best. A lot of people already have these in their bathroom, but those who don't will not get the same amount of years out of new paint.

Make sure to have one installed after the painting project is done, as that will help preserve it's a great look. It doesn't make sense to install it before hiring us, because we would likely remove it temporarily for painting purposes.

Evening out the walls

All kinds of things are attached to bathroom walls over the years. Whether it be old wallpaper, tile, or paint, it needs to be stripped off completely before starting a new painting process. Any inconsistencies on the actual wall will cause issues, so it is important for professional house painters to inspect the bathroom for any potential issues before hand.

One particularly tricky area happens to be the corners of walls. Everyone loves a very sharp looking corner once a new paint job wraps up, and the only way to get that is to do some work early on in the process. The drywall corner must be straight beforehand so that the paint goes on cleanly as well.

The right paint in the right areas provided by Bathroom Painter Cranston RI

In some cases, we won't be using the same type of paint everywhere in the bathroom. Not only are different shades used to add some depth and variety, but high wear areas need different paint choices as well.

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One area that gets a lot of abuse is right around the windows. Not only are people constantly using the blinds and opening and closing windows, but hot items are usually pretty close by as well. We know what works and what doesn't for those areas.

Painting for the room

No two bathrooms are alike. Light matters in a bathroom, and sets the tone for the entire area. The goal is to have a very light, welcoming bathroom, and a lot of that depends on natural lighting.

Bathrooms with no windows, or very small windows, might need lighter shades of color to brighten up the room. If there is a lot of natural light available, a person can go a little darker. The important thing is working with professionals who have the answer for any layout.

Whatever the case is, we don't feel any project is done until our customers are 100% satisfied. Contact us to set up an initial consultation so we can begin mapping out the right strategy for a new bathroom look.

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