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Welcome everyone to the official website of Painter Pros, Cranston RI. We pride ourselves on being the leader in the area for any professional painting needs. From full exterior makeovers to individual interior rooms, we offer unparalleled versatility for customers ready for a brand new look.

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About us

At Painter Pros Cranston RI, the focus is on 100% satisfaction. We take pride in every project we take on, helping people improve a building’s curb appeal, increase its value, and feel comfortable in what appears to be a brand new setting. We have a proven track record in the area, serving the greater Cranston area for over 15 years. We work with a lot of repeat customers that love what we offer, and they refer plenty of new clients as well.

Whether it be for a home, business or any other building, we know how important it is to get a job done right the first time. That’s why we encourage every person interested in our services to reach out for an initial consultation. We can work through a plan that makes sense for each individual. Our goal is to tailor our services for each client so they have a solution that fits their needs. Most of our services fall into one of four categories, but services are always subject to change slightly.

Exterior Painting

Nothing makes a house or building look refreshed quite like brand new exterior painting. It’s one of the fastest ways to see a noticeable upgrade, and a great paint job should last for years. Thanks to the materials we use and our professional craftsmanship, we guarantee a lasting look every customer will be proud of.

Before getting started with any exterior painting project, we always make sure that all surfaces are ready to be painted and capable of holding that color and consistency for a long time. We spend a significant amount of time preparing older wood, either by sanding things down or making more substantial repairs. It’s not as simple as just applying a brand new coat of paint in many cases.

We also understand the importance of getting the little things right. No one wants an entire exterior painted one solid color. It’s just as important to highlight certain parts with accent colors. From window shutters to doors and railings, we make sure to get everything looking just right.

painting outside

Since investing in an exterior painting project is a considerable expense, we have a warranty that is one of the best in the industry. We currently offer a two-year warranty on all labor, and a five-year warranty for the material we use. If things don’t look just right on the exterior, we are more than happy to take the time to fix everything to a customer’s satisfaction. We do our best to have everything looking right the first time, but things do happen from time to time that need care later on.

Don’t let people unfamiliar with the harsh winters of Cranston handle exterior projects. We know exactly what type of paint works best to look fresh in the middle of the summer, and right after a foot of snow on the ground.

Interior Painting

Every single interior painting project we take on at Painter Pros is an opportunity for us to reinvent an area. A proper painting job inside can change the tone of a home or business in a hurry. This is the look that furniture, wall art, carpeting, and more is based on. Without a solid paint foundation, everything else will feel slightly off.

The first step when we take on any interior painting project is to have thorough discussions with the customer. We make sure to get all the specifics down first so that we can meet expectations. If the primary color or accents are even a little bit off, it can significantly change the overall look.

Our focus is always on making sure that customers understand that we care about getting such an important project done. Not all painting professionals treat each project with the attention they should for the customer. No one wants to spend a lot of money on painting again and again, so spending a little extra for something that lasts makes more sense.

Some people we work with only need one or two rooms treated at the time. Others might be looking for new paint in every single area of a building. When everything happens with the proper amount of care, a room goes through an instant upgrade that most will feel happy about.

One thing we always keep in mind is continuity within a property. Certain rooms need to flow together to create a more open atmosphere. For example, dining and kitchen areas usually need some sort of connection to stand out. By painting them together, we know what it takes to open up the spaces the right way.

House Painter

painting house trim and shutters

We take on a lot of different projects when it comes to painting houses in the Cranston, RI area. We treat each home as an individual challenge, so homeowners can feel confident that they are getting assistance on what works best for their set up.

Whether it’s the interior, exterior, or the entire home, a professional house painter makes a lot of sense. By working directly with us, we come with not only the highest quality paint options and tools, but decades of experience as well.

Without experience, it is impossible to get a lasting look. We understand exactly what works, and what doesn’t in the northeast part of the United States. That means using different types of paint to extend the life and prevent any fading outside. It also means making the most of natural lighting in certain rooms when possible.

There are many benefits to having a home painted after there are some signs of aging. It protects the material underneath the paint. Some people just simply want a different look, and that’s fine as well.

When it comes to a brand new paint job, our painters take the time to prep the surface just right so that it will apply evenly. This also helps to seal off the siding of a house, which comes in handy.

The interior poses a huge challenge as well for people who don’t work directly in the industry. It seems nearly impossible to get the trim, edges, corners and more just right in every room. It’s one thing to cover the broad wall areas, but the finishing touches will make or break just how great something looks.

inside house painters

We do our best to fit into customers busy schedules. That means we spend less time getting in the way at home during the process. We also keep our workstations clean, so picking up is not an issue.

Bathroom Painter

No matter what type of look a person is going for with a bathroom, we can pull it off. It might not take top priority for every home or business owner, but a great looking bathroom becomes very welcoming to those who live there, and visitors.

A lot of our techniques with bathroom painting comes down to the overall setup of the room. Some bathrooms can take advantage of a lot of natural light coming in, while others need to be brightened up themselves. We discuss all suggestions with customers beforehand so they understand how bathrooms would look in specific scenarios. A lot of customers don’t initially realize just how much of an impact lighting can make, so our bathroom painter team is always there to assist.

Color choices are usually pretty neutral, but we have worked on many types of bathrooms in the past. The important part is to have it connected in some way to the rest of the property. Even though bathrooms are usually isolated from the rest of the property, people try to have things somewhat connected to the color scheme used elsewhere.

paint colors and paintbrush

Bathrooms are so small that every little detail matters. We take that extra time to put the finishing touches on each bathroom before leaving. Using accent colors and trim not only bring the bathroom together, but it adds just enough variety in an otherwise neutral room. It does not have to be anything too flashy, but our finishing touches put us a bit above the rest.

Finally, we understand there are sensitive parts of the bathroom. The right type of paint is crucial for lasting results. A bathroom deals with humidity, temperature changes, and general abuse from people cleaning up every day. Paint must not only be durable, but applied the right way for the best results. That is exactly what we bring to the table for every customer we work with.

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"Our new home needed new paint in a few of the rooms to give it a modern look. Painter Pros helped out in a very timely manner. Not only did they come out the very next day for a consultation, but the whole project was done within a week. I can’t thank them enough for taking the time to fit me into their schedule."
- Tony H.
“Painter Pros was the third painting company I tried in the Cranston area. I was not satisfied with the first two, but right away, Painter Pros showed that they took things a bit more seriously. I not only hired them to fix the mistakes of others, but also to tackle a few new rooms as well. I’ll be using them in the future if anything else needs to be painted.”
- John W.
"After landing a perfect location for my small business, the only thing that was left was to make the space my own. Since I work in a very creative field, I knew I needed an excellent paint job inside and out to add credibility. Painter Pros came through and exceeded all my expectations. I now get compliments from neighboring businesses about how great my set up looks."
- Molly C.


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